After 20 years in the property and casualty insurance industry, I finally took the leap to pursue a career in Real Estate with The Rich Company.  The insurance industry was good to me, but it was time for a change. The list of reasons why I have switched to Real Estate is quite long, so I have decided to share my top 10 in no order.

  1. Helping People Realize Their Dreams

This is HUGE! In insurance, I certainly helped people protect their assets and their families. In Real Estate, I can see clients’ visions for the future and help them find the home that epitomizes that!

  1. Every Client is Unique

Getting to know so many wonderful people and their families, from all walks of life, is very enriching. Everyone has a different story, different experiences, and different dreams that I am fortunate to have them share  with me.

  1. There Is Always Something New

Every day brings me a new learning experience. Sometimes it may be about differing features in homes, or benefits of living in different communities. On other occasions, I may learn about new plans for community development or city planning. Always, I learn more about the people I serve. I feel that I am constantly growing as a Realtor, and as a person, with each of these experiences.

  1. Putting People at Ease

Stress can be one of the most debilitating factors in peoples lives. Being able to remove stressors from the hearts and minds of others by working hard to provide a smooth and seamless process is very fulfilling. I am  happy to be able to ease stress and burdens for my clients, so they can relax and feel confident in their new purchase, or the sale of their home.

  1. I Can Embrace My Strengths and Talents

Through the years, I have developed strong business and analytical skills, but I have also always had a creative side. Real Estate allows me to draw on these talents including writing, photography, designing ads, and marketing; as well as researching, deciphering and explaining contracts and deeds, and negotiating.

  1. Working with Other Real Estate Agents

Yes! – They are my competition, but at the firm I work with, they are also my TEAM. Shared experiences and insights help us learn from each other. Each agent has their own focus and goals for their business, so  while each works hard to be their very best, we are also happy for the success of others in the firm, as well.


Ok, this one may seem a little elementary, but it’s true. For me, homes are like people, each with their own stories. When I travel, “seeing the sights” means looking at homes and neighborhoods. I have always enjoyed  home tours and appreciating different architectural styles, designs, and functionality.  It’s not feasible to become a collector of homes. In fact, I feel it would be quite wasteful to do so. Instead, my collection is in my files, my photographs and my memory. With a career in Real Estate, I get to grow and expand that collection.

  1. Freedom

As in most fields, there are still rules and regulations to abide by, and I must adhere to the expectations of my firm, and the contracts I enter. Ultimately, though, I get to determine how to run my business, how much  time to put in to it, and where I wish to take it.

  1. Treasure Hunting

Anyone who has participated in a scavenger hunt, or gone metal detecting, or anything else of the sort, knows the anticipation, the setbacks, and the ultimate joy in finding just what you are looking for. I get to do this for others with homes and with buyers.

  1. Being A Part of Something Bigger

That may seem a little over the top. Some people buy and sell many homes in their lifetime. Many people only do it once. In any case, if you, or anyone you know has ever bought or sold a home, you understand that it is often on of the most momentous times in your life. I get to be a part of that, and help make it happen. That brings tremendous joy and satisfaction to how I earn a living. That is really the key to it all.

I hope I have helped you understand why I chose a career in Real Estate and why I would love to help you in your journey to buy or sell your home.

Please leave comment sharing your thoughts or experiences in Real Estate.